Weekend Reads + Commentary

September 2021

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Weekend Reads

  • Facebook released its own sunglasses with a camera and microphone. Unlike other attempts at this concept, the cameras look hidden and people will not notice you can take pictures or record audio. This product seems like a leap. Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal is to eventually release a pair of smart glasses that fully augment reality, which puts a kind of virtual overlay onto the world in front of people.


Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte get all the credit for ensuring dance music’s future beyond standard, orchestrated disco, but the same year that they dropped “I Feel Love,” a French producer was just as forward-thinking.

Cerrone harnessed a drum machine (a rarity back then), dueling basslines (one of which bobbed up and down octaves, much like Moroder’s), and a lecherous guitar to craft his own version of Eurodisco.

As futuristic as the music is, the lyrical content—a revenge tale pitting Mother Nature against the men who tried to change her (via genetic modification)—was even more so. It would be years before the influence of “Supernature” would truly be felt (from 1981 to 1983, or the period regarded as Italo disco’s creative heyday), but you can’t blame people for not wanting to even attempt this for a while.

Here’s a fun remix